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Meet your customers how they want and cut down on admin time. Allow clients to self-schedule meetings on-demand; in your store, through a phone or video call or even at their home.

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Secure more appointments by letting your clients self-schedule a meeting with their expert of choice while staying full control over your team's availability.

Skedify is there to support your team and process incoming prospects/customers 24/7.

Allow clients to self-schedule meetings on-demand; at their home, workplace or favourite coffeehouse.

Our Lead segmentation module and location-based scheduling rules, let you control when and for whom should this option be available.

With our integrated video meetings, your clients can receive guidance and answers to their questions without ever leaving their desk. 

It's as simple as scheduling a time that works for them and joining a call via a meeting link.

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David Geerts, Chief Commercial Officer

''Today, two-thirds of our appointments are booked through Skedify.  Younger generations are digital natives, so when they want to buy a house they'll Google around for the best mortgages and land on our site. Skedify lets them book a meeting at one of our offices in a couple of seconds. The scheduling process is more efficient and we lose fewer customers along the way.''

Francis Sörensen,Process and Digital Transformation Manager

''After switching to Skedify, we saw spectacular results. Our clients are enthusiastic about the booking flow, the reminders they receive and the ability to schedule a meeting, anytime, anywhere. The pressure on our call centre went down enormously and we were able to reach more customers.''

Pieter Duron, Head Of Marketing

"Implementing Skedify’s appointment scheduling platform, we immediately saw a significant impact on the number of appointments, compared to the same period last year.  Next to this substantial increase, we also reported a revolution in our customer experience. Now customers can effortlessly, in real-time, schedule appointments with us, 24/7"

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