Increase Public Services Efficiency

We understand how complex government organisations can be. That's why we created a highly customisable appointment scheduling solution to help you deliver frictionless interactions.

Automate appointment booking and let your staff focus on providing better services to citizens.

Give Your Public Service Personnel Superpowers

Increase efficiency and quality

Empower your agents to focus on providing the best services.

When scheduling an appointment, citizens answer a series of questions to ensure your employees are prepared upfront with any necessary paperwork.

Eliminate long waiting lines

Eliminate long queues and keep citizens safe by managing footfall.

Our intuitive appointment scheduling tool will help you respect social distancing measures and provide a 

worry-free experience.

Improve citizen experience

Make your visitors feel at ease. Deliver personalised services faster while making the whole experience smoother. 

Let citizens schedule an appointment with the right agent, through their preferred channel, at their desired time.

Let Customers Schedule Appointments Where and When They Want

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Businesses that rely on Skedify to fill their schedule.

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In-branch meetings

Book more meetings by letting your clients self-schedule an appointment with the right expert, while staying full control over your team's availability. 

Video Meetings

With our integrated video meetings, your clients can get all the answers to their questions without ever leaving their desk. A simple click on a link and voilà!

On-location meetings

Meet your clients at their preferred location. You determine how far advisors can go and for which topics meetings can take place outside of the office.

Our team is here to help you. 

We offer step by step guidance from the first exploration call to the product rollout.

Request your free demo and start building meaningful relationships with citizens.

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