Convert More Digital Visitors to In-Store Customers

Increase in-store sales and nurture customer loyalty by meeting clients at every physical and digital touchpoint.

Maintain social distancing by managing the flow of customers in-store with easy appointment scheduling.

Give Your Showroom Advisors Superpowers

Increase sales and customer loyalty

Serve more customers and offer a more personalized experience in-store.

Let your customers schedule an appointment with the right consultant, through their preferred channel, at the most suitable time.

Gain more insights and data analytics

Manage footfall and keep clients safe

Analyze data about your store productivity, appointment topics, visiting hours, most popular locations, and customer satisfaction level.

You can connect Skedify with all of your existing tools via Rest-API integrations. 

Keep your customers safe and eliminate long waiting queues by managing footfall and switching to appointment only module.

Skedify lets you stay connected with your clients with HD Video meetings.

Let Customers Schedule Appointments Where and When They Want

In-branch meetings

Video Meetings

On-location meetings

Book more meetings by letting your clients self-schedule an appointment with the right expert while staying in full control over your team's availability. 

With our integrated video meetings, your clients can get all the answers to their questions without ever leaving their desk. A simple click on a link and voilà!

Meet your clients at their preferred location. You determine how far advisors can go and for which topics meetings can take place outside of the office.

Businesses that rely on Skedify to fill their schedule.

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What do Customers Expect from High Involvement Retail

Read our industry report and see why Skedify is the right solution for High Involvement Retail

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