Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Retail

Get back to business safely in times of COVID-19.

Maintain social distancing by managing the flow of clients in store with easy appointment scheduling.

Run your business without crowds

Keep your customers safe in your store

Eliminate long queues by scheduling pick-up times for online orders.

Keep your customers safe by managing footfall while offering in-store collection.

Our intuitive appointment scheduling tool will help you respect social distancing measures.

Meet clients with video meetings

Stay connected with remote meetings by using HD Video meetings.

Talk to your customers face-to-face without the need for plug-ins or third-party installations. Skedify is native. 

Turn curious visitors into loyal brand ambassadors.

Work efficiently and stay in control

Let your customers schedule an appointment at your branch. 

Manage maximum occupancy to guarantee your clients a comfortable and safe visit.

Build a rapport before the meeting and send automatic reminders to reduce no-shows drastically.

Take your appointment scheduling to a new level with Skedify

Meet your customers how they want and cut down on admin time. Allow clients to self-schedule meetings on-demand; in your store, through a phone it video call or at their home.

Powerful omnichannel scheduling capabilities

We understand how crucial the onboarding process is when implementing new software into your business processes.

That's why we offer full step-by-step guidance direct from our team.

Hands on onboarding

Connect Skedify with your customer-facing applications with our robust, fully-accessible API.

Convert more leads by integrating Skedify with your marketing funnel and guaranty a fluid data flow between Skedify and your existing CRM, and comunication tools.

Fully accessible API

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Enterprises that rely on Skedify to fill their schedule.

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''Today, two-thirds of our appointments are booked through Skedify.

Younger generations are digital natives, so when they want to buy a house they'll Google around for the best mortgages and land on our site. Skedify lets them book a meeting at one of our offices in a couple of seconds.

The scheduling process is more efficient and we lose fewer customers along the way.''

David Geerts, Chief Commercial Officer

Thrive in times of crisis and beyond

Our team is here to help you. 

We offer full step-by-step guidance.

For more information on the onboarding experience, click here.

Request your free demo and enable your business to grow in a matter of days.

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