Accelerate decision makingwith virtual meetings

Video meetings by Skedify keep you close to your customers, even when you're miles apart.

Why is Skedify your best tool for scheduling and running video meetings?

Full controlover your schedule

Virtually identical to face-to-face meetings

Bespoke scheduling the way you pictured it 

We partnered with a leading video conferencing platform to deliver you a truly immersive meeting experience. Our built-in virtual appointments are reliable, high-performing and just as engaging over the screen as they'd be in person.

Design the scheduling journey to your clients' needs. 

Skedify seamlessly fuses across your digital channels, letting your clients book a video meeting whenever and with whomever they want.

Manage remote teams and stay atop of your client relationships from Skedify's dashboard. Our web application is easy to set up and provides an intuitive user experience that lets you run your schedule efficiently, even if it's filled to the brim.

Adapt to a simpler, more convenient way of doing business

Here's how Skedify connects you with more clients

From your client's point of view

1. Self-schedules a video meeting with the right expert at the right time

3. Joins the call with a meeting link

2. Receives an automatic reminder ahead of the meeting

4. Is amazed at your expert's problem-solving abilities

From your point of view

3. Your expert joins the meeting ready to build a good rapport

1. You plug and customize Skedify on your website, customer portal, mobile app, or any other digital touchpoint 

2. The appointment and client information immediately syncs with your calendars and main Skedify dashboard

4. Runs engaging presentations on-screen and imparts relevant advice and guidance

Won't take our word for it?

Our clients' reviews speak for themselves.

''Today, two-thirds of our appointments are booked through Skedify.

Younger generations are digital natives, so when they want to buy a house they'll Google around for the best mortgages and land on our site. Skedify lets them book a meeting in a couple of seconds.

The scheduling process is more efficient and we lose fewer customers along the way.''

David Geerts, Chief Commercial Officer

In a world where face-to-face interactions are declining, Skedify is your key to accessibility

Our team is here to help you future-proof your business

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